5 Focus Spotlights Evaluation

Your Free Self Evaluation

All human experiences fit within these five human areas. The intention, the goal, is to experience an overall sense of happiness, well-being and fulfillment in each spotlight. There are times when we all feel unhappy or that something isn’t quite right and we can’t put our finger on it. Take the quiz and tap into what may be missing in your experience – then watch for e-mails with affirmations, classes and workshops to help you experience greater fulfillment in these areas.


To take the following Evaluation please give us your name and e-mail. We never spam or share your information!


Select all statements that are true for you in each category.


Vibrant Health


Harmonious Connections



Financial Freedom



Loving, Trusting Relationship



Soul Purpose



Examine how you scored in each area.

A score of five indicates you are THRIVING in that area.

A score of four indicates you are doing well and that there are opportunities for you to find more joy in that area.

A score of three or less tells you that this is an area of your life in which you can choose to enrich and grow to live the life you will love.

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