Be Here Tao: #8 – Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Two 99-year-old women, Betty and Bertha, had been best friends for most of their lives. While both were preparing to cross over to the Spirit world, it was obvious Bertha was going first. Betty visited her one day and said, “We have been great friends for a lifetime. We have both enjoyed playing softball all of our lives. Please, Bertha, when you get to Heaven, come and find me. Let me know if there is a Women’s softball team there.

Bertha looked up from her death bed and said, “Betty. I love you. If there is a team, and I am able to let you know, I will.”

Four nights after Bertha died, Betty woke up with a flashing, white light in her room. “Betty, Betty…wake up. It’s me, Bertha.” “What, it can’t be, you died 4 days ago!” Betty exclaimed sitting up suddenly. “You told me to come and find you, I’m telling you, it’s me. And I have some great news – and some not so great news. Which do you want first?” Bertha replied.

“Give me the good news first,” Betty said.

“There are softball teams here in heaven. And so many of our old friends are here playing. And, everyone is young again. And…every day is springtime. And…we play all day and never get tired.” “That sounds fabulous, Bertha, what’s the bad news?”

“You’re pitching Tuesday morning.”

Bertha and Betty remind us that time on this third-dimensional plane are finite.

The Greeks have two words for Time: Chronos and Kairos.

Chronos: refers to sequential, chronological and linear time. I call this Tick Tock Time. We need Tick Tock Time to function in society. Having a chronological system of when to meet, when to proceed at a four-way stop is necessary for order.

Kairos: refers to spiritual time, a time where something special, mystical, magical happens. In Kairos time, there is not a beginning nor an ending. Kairos time is unhurried, unrushed, undefined.

This week, spend at least 9 minutes every 24 hours in Kairos time. Sit quietly, focus on your breath, bring your attention to your heart and think silently about what you are grateful for.

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