Be Here Tao: Week 1 Intro: Great is great!

2500 years ago, an old man in China could be seen walking across the king’s courtyard pulling his ox toward the Hanku Pass. At 81, because he was so fed up with the politicians of the day and the greed of the people, he was leaving to retire out in the desert. Fortunately, for you and me, when he approached the Hanku Pass, the gatekeeper knew who he was.

“Oh, great wise man, I know who you are. You are known as the lead librarian and a great sage. Please don’t leave the king’s palace without writing down your beliefs. Lao Tzu said “yes,” and probably with a cup of tea, sat down and wrote out the Tao Te Ching. This small book of wisdom is just 81 verses long. This sacred writing is second only to the Bible as the most popular book sold on the planet.

It is believed that if every person would embrace Taoism, there would be peace on Planet Earth.

Over the last 25 centuries, thousands of scholars, teachers and students of the Tao Te Ching have studied, shared and disagreed with each other. But there is one verse that everyone agrees on, the 25th verse. No one has disputed the truth that Lao Tzu used the word “great” when he wrote the following:

Great is boundless;

Boundless is eternally flowing;

Ever flowing, it is constantly returning.

To know the way, understand the great within yourself.


For the month of January, during our “BE HERE TAO” series, we will be exploring the messages of greatness through the wisdom of Tao.

Action Steps:

Say to yourself often throughout the day, “I come from Greatness, I allow Greatness, I am Greatness.” Print off this greatest affirmation of them all. Make as many copies as you want. Put them on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator and anywhere else to remind you of your greatness.

Be Here Tao Greatness Affirmation

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