Be Here Tao: Week 4 – Where Greatness Lives

My husband Tom loves politics. He understands the ways and means of it all…and is fascinated by the major players on the world stage. I, on the other hand, love philosophy and ancient wisdom. Together we make a great team. I often joke with him, “Honey, you keep me current and I’ll keep you ancient.”

The outer world of human dynamics is both fascinating and exciting. And, that said, the Source of our greatness can only be experienced byquietly going inside. Deep within. And this is actually as exciting, if not more exciting, than the outer world. The Tao, the way of creating harmony in your life, is simple. Dance between the yin and the yang of your energy.

One of Taoism’s greatest teaching is the understanding of yin and yang. Webster Dictionary defines yin and yang as “dark-bright” and “negative-positive” energy. It describes how “seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.”

In ancient wisdom, the universe creates itself out of the primary chaos of material energy, organized into the cycles of Yin and Yang. This creative process forms not only our objects but our lives. Yin is the receptive and Yang the active principle.”

To balance out the energetic activities of the outer world, take time daily to turn inward, breath, focus on your heart’s desires, notice your active mind and breath. Affirm silently, “I come from Greatness, I allow Greatness, I am Greatness.”

Greatness is that very thing that is breathing itself through you.
The Tao, the way. The Tao, the source of your greatness.


Take our 9-minute~90-Day Challenge. Just spend 9 minutes a day, 4 ½ minutes in the morning and 4 ½ minutes in the evening (or more) by turning inward. That leaves you 1,431 minutes to play in the outer world. Say to yourself often throughout the day, “I come from Greatness, I allow Greatness, I am Greatness.” Or print this greatest affirmation of them all from week 1. Make as many copies as you want. Put them on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator and anywhere else to remind you of your greatness. It’s our gift to you. Be tender to the one looking back at you in the mirror. Please feel free to share any comments or questions below.

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