Be Here Tao: Week 5 – Greatness is Boundless

Here we are…our last Tuesday in January 2019. The Tao theme this month has been Greatness. Lao Tzu’s reminder to us is that:

Great is boundless
Boundless is eternally flowing;
Ever flowing, it is constantly returning.
To know the way, understand the great within yourself.

We have explored the teaching of the Tao Te Ching’s core message, that the natural way of living is in harmony. To live in harmony first requires that we acknowledge and actually feel the Source of Greatness within us. We looked at the primary enemy of greatness as perfectionism. No one is perfect and what a relief to know it is ok, in fact, a given, that those of us who are human beings make mistakes. We also explored the need to balance our attention to the outer world by spending time going inside through quiet time and affirmation. The Tao’s inspired great affirmation is:

I come from Greatness.
I allow Greatness.
I am Greatness.”

 Join us next month for our Be Here Tao series as we explore the wisdom of Taoism and Time.


Say to yourself often throughout the day, “I come from Greatness, I allow Greatness, I am Greatness.” or print off this great affirmation from our week 1 post. Make as many copies as you want. Put them on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator and anywhere else to remind you of your greatness. It’s our gift to you.

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