Be Here Tao: Week 7 – Time is of the Essence

Dr. Ernest Holmes, the great 20th-century sage who created the Science of Mind Philosophy, once wrote, “It has taken humanity millions of years to realize they had control over their Destiny.” Time and Destiny are first cousins. As human beings, we each have four primary moments:

Conception: The moment in time when your Soul slips into the mold by the sperm and the egg. Indeed, this is a mystical, magical moment in your life.

Birth: There is a moment in time, after journeying through the birth process, when you take your very first breath of independence.

Now: This very moment. The clothes you are wearing, the shoes you are standing in or the chair you are sitting in. The breath you are taking. Right here, right now.

Transition Point: The moment in time when your Soul leaves your body for the last time. My beautiful soul daughter, Rachel, who works for Denver Hospice, calls this, “the moment of a lifetime.”

Destiny is what happens in between the conception and transition points.

Some people confuse destiny and fate. Fate is what happens to us that is beyond our control. As much as I might want to be 4 inches taller than I am, my fate is that I am 5’4” and here to stay. Destiny, on the other hand, is something we have control over and is defined by the choices we make between the Now and the last breath we take. It is the course of events in our everyday life determined by us.

As a Certified Time-line Counselor and Hypnotherapist, I have seen miracles with hundreds of people as they have committed to respecting Time and embraced their Destiny.

This week, ask yourself, “What do I want … No, REALLY want?” Write it down, post it on your bathroom mirror, read it every day  – and most of all, don’t think about HOW you’re going to make it happen. Dream BIG and get ready to step outside your comfort zone.

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