Transformational Coaching

Jody’s Life Transformational Coaching offers an opportunity to clarify and then transform obstructive beliefs into powerful manifestations.
Life Transformational Coaching highlights the 5 Focus Spotlights of everyday life:


5 focus spotlights• Vibrant Health
• Harmonious Connections
• Financial Freedom
• Loving, Trusting Relationship
• Soul Purpose


The core objective is to make daily successful choices that lead to a peaceful mind and joyful heart. Transformational coaching is available to individuals, couples and families. Sessions can be in person at the Westminster, Colorado, office via video-conference or by telephone. Please call for rates and availability.

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Counseling and Coaching Sessions will be at the Institute office:
Althea Center, 1400 Williams Street, Denver CO 80218


Real people – real results!


“Every time I sat down with Jody, she helped me see the “real” reason I came to her regardless of the problem at hand and get to the root of my issues, not just trim off branches of symptoms. That’s where the real, long-lasting healing happened (and eventually helped me literally shed 50 lbs of my former self!). She taught me that when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change, we change. That each painful moment has the potential to rebirth us into something greater. Then Jody helped me build an arsenal of tools and realize that the best way to help others is to keep my own cup full. My inability to receive was a block caused by a wound and once she helped me heal that, I no longer attracted only ‘takers.’

Through this amazing transformative work I have uncovered my personal message to the world…“The Gift in the Garbage” and now guide others in discovering and unraveling the reasons we attract the same painful patterns into our lives.”
Kendra Alexander,
Schaeffer Oil Sales Rep, Personal Coach and Nutrition Guru



What clients
are saying:

“Jody has an incredible style of leading her clients to their deepest learning experiences in the most gentle way, using her intuitive brilliance and years of experience for great healing and growth of her clients. Besides her tremendous skills and experience, Jody has this incredible quality of creating a safe and secure place, which was a critical factor allowing me to do some very deep work. Jody has the experience, skills, gentleness, compassion, inner wisdom, thoroughness, dedication, love and support for her clients that enables her to be a highly effective counselor.”
-JS, Biologist

“Working with Jody has assisted me in creating my life from my inner wisdom to extraordinary success. I am forever grateful.”

International United Pilot

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