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Jody Stevenson - coach, author, speaker

We’re about to build a great event – let’s get started!

My job is to make you look like a hero with your people, to make your job easier and to have more fun. You will receive an easy and simple speaking agreement and a pre-program questionnaire via e-mail to assist me in personalizing my presentation specifically for your group.

Getting to know you

Thank you for co-creating a great experience for your attendees. Your answers in the pre-program questionnaire will assist me in customizing my message for your audience.

Every group is unique and has specific, special needs and wants. Please help me understand your organization better by thoroughly answering this questionnaire and sending me a copy of all the memos, announcements, brochures and other promotional materials relating to this presentation.

You may send all the information to:
Jody Hill Stevenson, Institute for Richer Living, 11719 Zenobia Loop, Westminster, Colorado 80031, or
Contact Jody by e-mail.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing a remarkable experience with your organization.

Thanks so much!
Jody Hill Stevenson

What is the optimal room set up?

A lectern is great for Jody’s notes – off to the side or slightly back from the front so that there is no interference with the audience. A small table for quotes and statistics with a glass of water off to the side would also be great. Jody can and will work with any audience set-up. If you are using round tables, the half-rounds are the best so that people don’t have to turn their chairs around.

Theatre style set-up is fine, and if possible, angle the chairs so people can see each other’s faces.

Whatever the layout, please bring the audience close to the stage so Jody and the audience can get up close and personal. Jody uses a short PowerPoint presentation and will need a screen and computer. Lights full up is preferred.

What about Jody’s travel and expenses?

Flights – Jody knows budgets can be tight and will do her best to get a great airfare. She flys primarily Southwest because of their great humor and the luggage is free. If Jody flies from one client to the next, she will split the leg of the airfare between the two clients – offering additional savings.

Hotel Rooms – When arranging a hotel room, please book a non-smoking room away from an ice machine, elevator or exit door. As for meals, Jody can include this in an overall flat fee of $50.00 per diem, or an invoice with receipts after your event. Tips and incidentals: typically no more than $20.00 per trip.

Expenses – Travel expenses can be handled in one of two ways: A flat fee for travel that includes airfare, ground transportation, meals, tips and any other incidentals. All you are responsible for is the hotel room. The expenses are paid along with the balance of the speaking fee the day of the event and voila! – you are done with any more need to exchange information.

Another option is expensing you after the event. Jody will provide copies of receipts along with the invoice. The travel expenses are due 14 days after receipt.



Call 720-514-1291

My job is to make you look like a hero with your people, to make your job easier and to have more fun!

-Jody Hill Stevenson

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