NumerologyFacilitator: Jody Hill Stevenson

Dates: Sat, Jan 19, 2019 

Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm

Location: Earth Song Healing: 29 NW Greeley, Bend, Oregon 97703

Your Investment: $38

Space is limited to 12 participants. Reserve your spot!

To Register:
Call Kristen Lucas at 541-815-3742 or email Jody at

Discovered by Pythagoras, the grandfather of mathematics and a colleague of Socrates, Numerology is succinct, powerful and fun. Discover what you have accomplished in past lives, whether or not you have created karmic debts and/or karmic learning’s as well as what you are here to accomplish this lifetime.

According to Numerology, Planet Earth is a school for self-awareness. There are nine main courses a soul can sign up for…and the treasures of the soul’s wisdom are buried in a person’s name.

Jody Stevenson has been teaching Numerology for close to 30 years after studying with a world-renowned Numerologist in the late 1970’s. Since then, she has used the practical wisdom of this modality with her students, clients, and audiences.

Jody is a Life Transformation Expert and calls upon the wisdom of the ancients to assist people in trusting their own wisdom and following their heart.

You will:

• Learn what you have accomplished in past lives

• Discover whether or not you have created Karmic debts and/or learning’s

• Explore what you are here to accomplish in this lifetime


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