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4-LENSES™ Communication Profile
Facilitator: Jody Hill Stevenson

We think we see the world as it is. However, we actually see the world as we are, through the lens of our personality and experience. The 4-Lenses™ Temperament Discovery is a powerful and proven personality assessment that provides insight into how you see and interact with the world, as well as your co-workers and colleagues. The principles you will discover in this workshop will empower you to improve aspects of every personal and professional relationship in your life. This is usually a 2-3 hour process.

You will:

• Understand how others view the world

• Learn ways to communicate in a way that foster mutual understanding and acceptance

• Discover ways to communicate with your co-workers and family members that promotes connection and a better working environment

Each class can be tailored in length and level of participation to meet your needs from a one hour seminar to a full or half-day hands-on workshop.

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