Power of a brave thought
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The Power of a Brave Thought
Facilitator: Jody Stevenson

All human beings think all day long…approximately 70,000 thoughts a day! That’s a lot of traffic floating around in our brains. Thoughts create our reality and the quality of our life. We will examine not only “what” you are thinking about, but also explore the Evolution of Thought or the “how” you are thinking. With this understanding, you can learn to love the life you are living.


You will:

• Clarify the power of your own thinking

• Explore the behaviors behind each level of thinking and where you are the Evolution of Thought

• Determine your own set of values and leave with a dynamite self-designed affirmation

• Discover there are only 5 daily focuses that you think about every day called The 5 Focus Spotlights

• Examine why and how affirmations do really work

• Learn the greatest, most powerful affirmation ever

• Receive a beautiful handout with this affirmation

Each class can be tailored in length and level of participation to meet your needs from a one hour seminar to a full or half-day hands-on workshop.

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